TEAM#UP - Team-up knowledge on ecological restoration to maximize benefits for nature and people

  • Motivation of the project

    Motivation of the project

    The TEAM#UP project aims to combine and extend the existing extensive knowledge in the field of ecological restoration in order to establish four international, interconnected Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) for green professions:

    (1) multifunctional and sustainable land use in conventional agricultural systems (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany),

    (2) restoration of old infrastructure, ecological compensation of infrastructure and landscaping (eastern and northern Norway),

    (3) restoration across urban and rural landscapes (Central Bohemia, Czech Republic),

    (4) forest restoration and disaster risk management (Valencian community, Spain).

    Through the cooperation of vocational schools, university and research institutions as well as industry and sectoral partners, state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in the field of ecological restoration will be made available for various application areas. During the project, a multilingual platform with open educational ressources will be build up. Participants in the CoVEs learn, among other things, how to create and maintain species-rich flowering areas and how to document them with virtual reality technologies so that they can be used regardless of the seasons.

    Ecological restoration is becoming increasingly relevant throughout Europe in view of the rising demand for qualified specialists and also with the planned European Nature Restoration Law. So far, however, many European countries lack specific vocational training programs in agriculture, forestry and landscaping that include the knowledge required to implement ecological restoration measures. The TEAM#UP project aims to close this gap and impart green competencies that will give graduates of green professions a competitive advantage in the labor market and open up new fields of work.

    The TEAM#UP project builds on the one-year predecessor project "TRAIN#ER - Training Ecological Restoration". In this project, the knowledge needs in the field of ecological restoration for relevant professional groups were identified via online surveys and focus group interviews. More about the project and its results can be found on the TRAIN#ER project page.


  • News


    TEAM#UP project Advisory Board gets started to advance ecosystem restoration education and practice 

    The TEAM#UP project met for the first time on 14.02. with its advisory board, which includes experts with a wide range of expertise in ecological restoration from the fields of agriculture, forestry, urban greening and infrastructure measures from various environmental protection and education organizations. They will be on hand to advise us during the course of the project and, like us, are convinced that we can take the transfer of knowledge on the subject of ecological restoration a big step forward with our project.

    More detailed information can be found in the press release.


    The TEAM#UP project has published its first newsletter.

    In a European team with our project partners from the Czech Republic, Norway and Spain, we want to integrate topics related to ecological restoration more strongly into green apprenticeships in order to better prepare today's trainees for the challenges of the coming years.

    For more details, take a look at our newsletter. We will keep you up to date!


    Kick-off Meeting

    A few days after the start of the project, the project partners from Norway, the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany met on June 22 and 23 at the green campus Bernburg - Strenzfeld of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Besides getting to know each other, the course of the entire project was discussed and the work in the individual work packages was concretized in small groups. Of course, a tour of the demonstration areas around the campus was not to be missed.

Project website:TEAM#UP

Project lead:
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Prof. Dr. Markus Meyer, Prof. Dr. Anita Kirmer)

Project participants Anhalt University:
Prof. Dr. Markus Meyer
Prof. Dr. Anita Kirmer
Prof. Dr. Sabine Tischew
Prof. Dr. Marcel Heins
M. Sc. Vera Grünhage
M. Sc. Ryan E. Campbell

Other Project partners:

Vocational education and training (secondary schools):

Fachschule Haldensleben (Germany)
Norges grønne fagskole – Vea (Norway)
Vyšší odborná škola a Střední zemědělská škola (Czech Republic)
IES “El Palmeral” (Spain)
Advanced Digital Innovation Center of the Valencian Community (Spain)

Hochschul- und Forschungseinrichtungen im Bereich der ökologischen Renaturierung

University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic)
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research(Norway)
University of Alicante (Spain)

Branchenpartner (Berufsverbände und Unternehmen)

Saxony-Anhalt Cultural Landscape Foundation (Germany)
German Agricultural Society (Germany)
Hæhre Entreprenør AS(Norway)
PRO-BIO Association of organic farmers (Czech Republic)
European Chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration

Funded by Erasmus+,  ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PEX-COVE
Project code: 101103653
Duration: 06/2023 - 06/2027

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