Information systems

Preservation and restoration of open grassland habitats via management and near-natural restoration is well researched. However, in many cases local authorities and practitioners experience a gap of knowledge which prevents the correct implementation of management methods.

The information platform 'near-natural restoration methods' (in German: Informationssystem Naturnahe Begrünungsmaßnahmen INB) was set up to close this gap of knowledge and provide information about different restoration methods and background facts. It discusses legal issues and presents a variety of datasets concerning near-natural restoration.

The guideline for sustainable grassland management (only in German) provides information about the management of the habitat types 6440 (Alluvial meadows of river valleys of the Cnidion dubii), 6510 (Lowland hay meadows) as well as 6520 (Mountain hay meadows).

The donor site register (Spenderflächenkataster) of Saxony-Anhalt (available only in German) offers a pool of sites which can be as a donor site for seed and plant material for near-natural restoration.