Biodiversity in Solar Parks

In 2021, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences started the interdisciplinary research project Biodiversity in Solar Parks - Innovative Concepts and Development of Demonstrators to Improve the Compatibility of Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems, Nature Conservation and Agriculture. The aim is to develop biodiversity-promoting and economically viable overall concepts for ground mounted photovoltaic systems that also offers new opportunitiesfor value creation for agriculture.

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Network AgriPVplus

Agrivoltaic (Agri-PV) involves the use of land both for agriculture and solar energy generation. Such dual systems have been developed in recent years. So far, however, their potential to contribute to biodiversity and ecosystem services restoration has been rarely discussed. Our network aims to investigate an innovative and sustainable triple use approach, called the AgriPVplus system, that combines crop production, solar energy generation, and restoration of biodiversity. The aforementioned approach enables to, e.g., improve species diversity in intensively used agricultural areas or the restoration of degraded soil, resolves land-use conflicts, and foster socioeconomic benefits.

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences will establish a European cross-sectoral network aiming to raise the awareness of innovative AgriPVplus approaches, demonstrating its potential to restore biodiversity, and providing an online platform to foster international collaboration.

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